A Confusion in Time

His secret could be the death of him. If only he knew what it was.

David Parks has made some good friends during his holidays on a tropical island. Not to mention his enigmatic chauffeur back in England.

He is going to need all of them – and their extraordinary talents – to get through what lies ahead.

As he comes up against assassins, a shadowy government department and a man set on world domination, one thing becomes crystal clear:

David Parks needs to unravel his secret before everyone he cares for is dead and the world is changed forever.

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Meet the Characters

David Parks

David is a multi-millionaire living the high life, with a house in Surrey (complete with chauffeur) and holidays on a fabulous tropical island.

However, all is not as it seems. He does not know it, but he has been a guinea pig for a renowned scientist, and now he has a secret.

While he may not know what is going on, others do… and they want him dead.

Denver Miller

An American who has made a life on the island, Denver has a mysterious past, but now cons holidaymakers by offering guided tours round the local caves in search of mythical mermaids.

He is a close friend of David’s and looks out for him. His services will be invaluable when the assassins come to call!

Morice Clémont

Morice is the jocular French owner of the beach café on the island, a longstanding friend of Denver and, more recently, of David Parks.

Morice also has a murky past, some of it possibly not quite legal, but he has a special talent and he will also prove a brave ally when David is threatened.

Robyn Newman

A scientist and valued assistant to the renowned Dr Rufus Allenby, Robyn was heavily involved in the work undertaken on David Parks, and is extremely proud of what they have achieved.

However, like David himself, she does not know the full extent of the experiment that was carried out on him, but she is determined to help him solve the riddle, as well as fighting off his advances!

Gregory the Chauffeur

The affable Gregory comes to David’s aid when he is called upon, and it is then that his amazing contacts begin to reveal his murky history, although, once again, he is a perfect addition to David’s armoury.

His Aunt Grace also proves to be an invaluable asset!

Captain Packer

David Parks’s nemesis, Packer is a hard ex-military man turned mercenary who was employed to keep an eye on the scientific laboratory.

However, it is not clear whether he is working for Dr Allenby, the shady government department run by Gavin Wolstenholme, a mystery man intent on world domination… or just himself.

Gavin Wolstenholme

The apparently avuncular Wolstenholme (“like the television chap: ‘They think it’s all over… it is now’”) works for a mysterious government department which appears to be controlling the laboratory, if not Dr Allenby himself.

He is, however, a man determined to maintain the status quo, and will stop at nothing to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

But, as he sits at his huge mahogany desk, ruling his little domain, is he really the one pulling the strings?