Creator of Sheriff John Withers

The unorthodox crime-fighter

After retiring and relocating to the West Sussex coast in 2016, Phil took up painting, with limited success, until a sudden burst of inspiration led to the creation of his debut novel, Bakerton. This was followed by Thurlow Junction, again featuring the enigmatic Sheriff John Withers.

His latest book, A Confusion in Time, is a departure from his earlier works, and features a man who has been experimented on without his knowledge.

The book that introduced Sheriff John Withers to the world…

Nothing ever happens in Bakerton…

until one of the country’s richest bankers is brutally murdered in his mansion, along with several of his associates.

When Sheriff John Withers begins his investigation, he soon realises there are two separate killers out there and each of them has a different agenda. It is clear that they are both set on course for a final showdown… with Withers and his deputies in the line of fire.

But when a young woman goes missing as well, the stakes become unbearably high.

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When evil comes back, it brings death and destruction never seen before…

A famous footballer has gone missing, and Sheriff John Withers is asked to investigate.

The case takes him and his trusty deputy, Dawg Janowski, into the worlds of football and reality television, before the body of a sports agent is found, leading to complications Withers had never dreamed possible.

Now, it was a race against time to save who he could, before the man-mountain they call Mr Sumo committed the ultimate kill of all… Withers himself.

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His secret could be the death of him. If only he knew what it was.

David Parks has made some good friends during his holidays on a tropical island. Not to mention his enigmatic chauffeur back in England.

He is going to need all of them – and their extraordinary talents – to get through what lies ahead.

As he comes up against assassins, a shadowy government department and a man set on world dominance, one thing becomes crystal clear:

David Parks needs to unravel his secret before everyone he cares for is dead and the world is changed forever.

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