Thurlow Junction

When evil comes back, it brings death and destruction never seen before…

A famous footballer has gone missing, and Sheriff John Withers is asked to investigate.

The case takes him and his trusty deputy, Dawg Janowski, into the worlds of football and reality television, before the body of a sports agent is found, leading to complications Withers had never dreamed possible.

Now, it was a race against time to save who he could, before the man-mountain they call Mr Sumo committed the ultimate kill of all… Withers himself.

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Meet the Characters

Sheriff John Withers

Withers is the sheriff of Bakerton and its surrounding hamlets of Thurlow Junction and Copper Ridge. We first meet him as he begins an investigation into the brutal murders of banking magnate Leroy Figgis and some of his associates.

Withers is a widower, his wife Heather having been murdered in their flat by a young burglar. Withers found Heather and held her until she passed away just before the ambulance arrived. It was this event which prompted his need to join the police service. He has remained single ever since, dedicated to his job and the small community to which he has become an important part. Now that Judith Wiseman is in his life, he feels stronger, and, despite being on sick leave after being shot, he is determined to hunt down the monster who murdered a famous football star.

Deputy Douglas “Dawg” Janowski

Dawg is Withers’s senior deputy. In his early twenties, he is married to Kitty and has a young son, Matthew. He is devoted to Withers, but has never understood why the sheriff always refers to him as “Deputy Dawg” or just “Dawg”. He is far too young to understand!

Dawg is a massive fan of Altona City FC, and is mourning the loss of an icon of the club. Like Withers, he is determined to bring the culprit to justice.

Beautiful TV reality star Brandy Summers is just an added bonus!

Pat Rafferty

While Rafferty was called in to help Withers hunt down The General, he now finds himself holding down the sheriff’s hot seat while Withers is on sick leave after being shot.

Rafferty is bored, and desperately wants to get back to his comfy office in Altona. However, while playing mind games with one of the deputies, Rafferty inadvertently discovers important evidence which sets the forensic ball rolling.

On top of that, Withers even helps with Rafferty’s love life!

Judith Wiseman

An experienced journalist on the Altona Oracle, Judith is a vivacious auburn-haired force of nature who pursues her quarry with relentless pressure.

She acts as Withers’s rock at the funeral of his deputy, and is a calming influence when the murder victim’s sister is interviewed in her hospital bed.

As the case develops, Judith’s journalistic skills come to the fore as she carries out research on the chief suspects.

Ty Cobden aka Lucas Black

On the run after The General has been dealt with, Ty needs Grace Templeman to carry out some charity work on behalf of the late Leroy Figgis. It proves more difficult than he expected.

As the net begins to close in on him, Ty suddenly finds himself on the side of law and order, even becoming an honorary deputy and saving Sheriff Withers’s life.

But is it time for Ty to finally face justice?

Hector Lopez

“Number Two” in Bakerton, ‘Ector (as Ty calls him) is on the run with Ty, both wanted for murder. They make an unusual but happy pair, until Hector finds the real-life dream girl who had up till then been only a poster on his bedroom wall. But she is not working where he had hoped, and a rant in the local brothel leads to confrontation with the law.

Could this be the end of a beautiful friendship?

Mr Sumo

The man-mountain that is Mr Sumo wreaks havoc throughout the book, revelling in the murder and maiming of several people as he rampages through the pages!

Although he is clearly a monster, in his quiet times he loves nothing better than watching the birds in his garden and wearing his red kimono!

Dume Akintola

Son of a Nigerian chieftain, Dume Akintola has lived a privileged life in the shadow of his father. But when his penchant for teenage boys becomes apparent, he is whisked back to Nigeria before charges can be brought.

Now he is back. But why? Is he after the young players at Altona Football Club again, or is there something even more sinister on his mind?

Whatever the reason, he will prove a cunning adversary for Sheriff Withers.

Grace Templeman

Retired PA to the murdered Leroy Figgis in Bakerton, Grace now becomes embroiled in Ty Cobden’s plans to spend Leroy’s millions. However, it is not as simple as that. They have to track down Leroy’s laptop to unlock the money, taking both of them dangerously close to the sheriff.

But the question remains: if they get the money, what will they do with it?

Eric Marsland

Eric is an alcoholic solicitor who is deeply in love with Maureen Pelham, but he appears to have burnt his bridges.

However, when Sheriff Withers comes knocking, Eric finds himself in the thick of the action, facing down Dume Akintola’s formidable father and realising that sobriety has its perks.

Could love really resurface for Eric?